Complementary Valuation of Your Commercial Real Estate


What Is My Property Worth?

Are you considering selling your property or refinancing? Or are you just interested in knowing what the current value of your commercial real estate is? Have you had a property valuation in the past and would like an update of the market value? If so, we suggest that you contact one of our agents for a free broker opinion of value.


Advantages of a Broker Opinion of Value

When we prepare your complementary property market valuation, we look at your current income and expenses and normalize those to what an unrelated third party would have to pay if they owned the property. We do a rent survey to see what properties of a similar type and location are receiving and we look at recent and on-market sales comparables. We then prepare a comprehensive report and review all of the information with you. You will learn:

  • How your property’s rents compare to other similar properties
  • Whether or not your expenses are in-line with what other properties are paying
  • How much equity in your property you may have accrued
  • What current debt terms might be available for your property

Clients who have decided to hold on to their properties have been able to increase their earning by thousands of dollars by bringing their rents in line with current market rates. Clients who have decided to sell have learned how small changes can increase the value of their property.


We Are Central Florida Market Specialists

By dedicating all of our focus, resources, and training to real estate investment services, we offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise. Our specialty divisions address the diverse nature of the commercial property markets, functioning as teams of specialists with in-depth knowledge of the Central Florida market.


Contact an Agent for a Free Broker Opinion of Value

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